Who’s on Campus?

The Alpha-Kappa Zeta has produced some of Wabash College’s finest men. While many choose to leave campus after four years, some have decided to continue serving their alma mater. Here is a list of men within the sacred bond that can be found on campus:

  • Mike Abbott ’85  Professor of Theater, Dept. Chair
  • Scott Douglas ’84 College Physician
  • Ted Grossnickle ’73 Board of Trustees
  • Jeremy Hartnett ’96 Associate Professor of Classics
  • Derek Nelson ’99 Associate Professor of Religion
  • Greg Redding ’88 Associate Professor of German
  • Michael Thorp ’86 Dean for Enrollment Management

Home Association

  • Tony Unfried  ‘03, President
  • Peter Wright ‘81, Vice President
  • Kyle Coffey ‘06, Treasurer
  • Mike Bettice ’81, Secretary
  • Scott Eggers ‘86, Past President
  • Greg Castanias ‘87
  • Michael Demeter ’13
  • Joe Emmick ’92
  • Greg Estell ’85
  • Ted Grossnickle ‘73
  • Matt Knox ’13
  • Mike Laudick ‘82
  • Alex Moseman ’11 Hi Pi
  • Nate Pulley ’00
  • Andy Rankin ’98
  • Sean Royce ’86
  • Ned Segelken ‘81

Since the founding of Alpha-Kappa Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha in 1918, over 1,550 men have completed their journey into our sacred bond of Brotherhood. Given the pivotal importance of alumni brother support for day-to-day chapter operations, and ultimately to a chapter’s long-term success, we greatly value our close relationship with many alumni.

Are you interested in getting involved? Are you ready to give back to the bond of Lambda Chi Alpha?

Please contact High Rho, Luke Fankhauser, to discuss the ways you can get involved at Alpha-Kappa Zeta.